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Hello! So glad you’re here. Below you will find details regarding the positions and a few items that must be completed prior to your application for the internship to be reviewed.


  • Social Media Management (Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Website, Pinterest)
  • Content Curation (Instagram, Tik Tok, Website, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Graphic Design (Website, Social Media, Print)
  • Business Management & Logistics (Inventory, Fulfillment, Logistics)
  • Product Procurement & Visual Merchandising (Ordering & Staging Products)


10-20 hours per week


10% discount on all products

Flexible work schedule/location (you will not be required to work in store)

Start Date will be Sunday 9/20-and the internship will end 11/22. Depending on need it may be an option to extend through the end of the year as seasonal staff or  join the team in a part-time position available.


  1. Create a document and answer the following questions. 
    1. Why do you want to work at Presley Paige?
    2. What’s your preferred way to be managed? (ex. do you need lots of direction? are you a self starter? etc. How would you like to be managed in this role as an intern?)
    3. In this role, there are lots of things going on all the time. We work in a fast pace environment. How do you stay organized?
    4. Sales are down this month. What do you do? 
    5. Which brand’s marketing do you find the most inspiring? Why? (This can be literally any brand in the entire world).
    6. What excites you most about helping grow Presley Paige?
  2. Click here to complete application and attach the document you created for step 1.